Using latest cloud solutions and Data-centers we design highly available and scalable IT Solutions for our clients. Our DevOps engineers not only work with AWS, Azure, Google, OVH and other cloud services globally, but also  configure and support your preferred technology.

With our IT infrastructure Services you will have autonomous  IT infrastructure, so your business will be able to provide speedy and accurate outcomes, cutting labor costs and increasing overall productivity.

Our Expertise

We are mostly experienced in below entioned technologies, but our knowledge is not limited with the listed technology only.

  • Cloud technology such as AWS , GOOGLE , AZURE , OVH
  • Email Servers Configurations suche as MS Exchange Server , Lotus Notes , Postfix
  • Database Servers  such as MySQL , MS SQL , Oracle, Cassandra , Derby , MongoDB , PostgressSQL
  • Continues Delivery & Deployment which we achieve with Jenkins
  • VoIP Server Installation and configuration such as Asterisk
  • Configuration of Dedicated Servers,  VPS and hosting servers worldwide
  • Linux Windows Servers Security and configuration for high load production servers
  • Full Infrastructure Automation with  Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Full 24\7  IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Monitoring tools such as   Nagios, Zabiex
  • Custom Software and technology Deployment within very short period of time

Working with many companies globally, we provide services in different industries. We deliver solutions in education fully automating of education systems. Our experts are experienced in Health Care configuring such advanced technology like panarama and surgery technology. Having deal with financial institutions  we know their requirements also. Our IT Administrators are experts in hosting servers and provide highly secure and customized solutions.

Get expert advice, best practices, and coaching from GITST engineers to help you enable productive Infrastructure Automation. Contact us  to find out how we can help you with IT Solutions, that you are looking for.