What is proxy?

A proxy is a tool that is used to protect you and your information. It is as a barrier that allows you to view websites and receive information from them without the website receiving your information.

Why should you use proxies

Proxy servers are used for security purposes. They are also used to block access and to apply content filtering rules, primarily to block sites that contain materials that are not desirable.  Businesses often use proxy servers to audit employee usage or to protect against data or information leaks.

Proxy Servers are also used by internet marketing companies, to augment their data handling capabilities. Often, there are limits that servers receive coming from an IP addresses.  With a proxy server, the IP address becomes different.  Proxies are good solution for the companies that don’t have servers ready at all time.

Proxies help to circumvent regional borders or bypass security restrictions and filters. IP Addresses from different countries eliminate limitations in the internet. They will unlock web pages that are forbidden in your country.

Where proxies  are used

Proxy from hiddenproxies may be used in different areas, such as

  • Trade from online internet shops
  • Work with searching systems
  • Work with social sites
  • Online games
  • Work with bookmaking companies
  • Work with online boards