Remote data collection tool without boundaries!

Collect Any Data Using Android Devices! Collectral enables to get up-to-date data for your business without limitations. Information is stored in your database within seconds.

What is Collecral App

Collectrol Software enables to collect any data online without using paper and other boards. It is appropriate to use for research, survey, monitoring and assessment purposes. The software allows to generate questionnaire or any form for data collection in mobile device (Phone, planshet). Based on questionnaire employees collect and provide data to database (server) within seconds. Data are transferred to the server automatically after data input in the device.

The Collectral can be used for:

  • Consumer research
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Impact assessment
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Social development surveys
  • Any data collection based on your needs

How to Collect Data

For data collection it is necessary to build forms.  The form consists of fields that enable to input different types of data (text, numerical, date, images. ect). They are created in database and uploaded in mobile applications of employees.  The forms have different sections that should be used for different types of data recording. After data collection the information is stored in different sections based on research or survey requirements.

Advantages of using Collectral

Save time and resources on data collection

  • Modernize your entire team’s work, helping employees get more done and saving time for data entry process.

Create Unlimited Users and Servers

  • Use number of servers and register as many users as you need for FREE. There is no restriction on registration and number of users.

Build Dynamic Forms

  • Build as many forms as you need with any type of data. Collect any data you wish like image, numeric data, text. ect filling the fields of the forms.

Capture Images and Share online

  •  Capture images related with your data and send them to your servers at once.  This will enable to act quickly in rapidly changing environment.

 Get Dedicated Support

  •   Our premium dedicated team will support you online remotely 24×7. Due to efforts of our hardworking employees your data will be safe and secure.

Run Your Business Efficiently

  • Collecting accurate information from any location in a fast and easy way you can make decisions timely and effectively.