A data center  is a facility composed of networked computers and storage that businesses or other organizations use to organize, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data.

We actively utilize Google Cloud, AWS, Azure,  OVH  data center providers using their full capacities.

What Data Center Services GITST has?

GITST supports variety of servers, such as

  • Dedicated servers
  • VPS
  • Communication servers
  • Database servers

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Hosting, as the name suggests, it’s dedicatedly yours! Let’s look at it as having a car. You own the car and you can do what you want with it. In Dedicated hosting case, you own the server, you can choose what software to install and configure its specifications. GITST offers you a reliable dedicated server that can be configured and operated remotely from your company.
The use of a dedicated server saves router, Internet connection, security system, and network administration costs. Finally Dedicated Servers are proved to be the most secure and crucially the most reliable type of hosting, since the server resources are not shared with other companies.

Virtual Private server (VPS)

A VPS server is a server that runs “virtualization” software which divides & dedicates the hardware resources to specific accounts. To follow the example let’s look at it as renting a car, just like having your own car, you need to be able to drive, or hire somebody to drive it, it might cost a little more in the long run but the good side is that you can switch cars from time to time. This is when GITST takes the role; we can help you switch to different configuration from time to time since you do not need to care about hardware upgrade.
A VPS server might be a single server located in a single rack – but it behaves like multiple servers since everything from the memory to storage space to processing power is already allocated.

Communication Servers

Communication! Yes can also talk from time to time. A communication server is a system that provides communication services on a network. It transfers files or provides access of information on systems or networks at remote locations. The Primary characteristics of the communication server are Flexibility, Openness and Carrier Grade.
The communication server provides communication channels for more than one user simultaneously, depending on the software and the hardware capabilities.
It implements the following functions:

  • Gateway functions  –  This is for users who want to connect to host computers by translating between data formats, communication protocols, and cable signals.
  • Bridge and router functions  –  A communication server with these features maintains a dedicated or dial-up (intermittent) link with remote LANs . It automatically transfers data packets between the LANs as necessary.
  • Access functions  – Server with this functions enable remote users to dial into the network from remote locations and obtain “remote node” or “remote control” access. In case of remote node method, all processing is implemented at the remote workstation. In case of remote control method, the user connects to a dedicated workstation on the LAN (local area network) and all processing is implemented at the LAN-attached dedicated workstation.
  • Electronic mail servers  –  such servers automatically connect with other LANs or electronic “post offices” to pick up and deliver e-mail. The systems may call at timed intervals or whenever there is enough outgoing mail to make the call worthwhile
  • Chat server-It serves the users to exchange data in an environment similar to Internet newsgroup which provides real time discussion capabilities.
  • Modems –   Communication servers provide modems that internal users access for dial-out sessions or remote users access for dial-in sessions.

We deploy and support communication servers allowing your teams to be in touch 24/7. Of course sleep is good, but when it comes to work GITST is always there to help!

Database Server

We Support and optimize many variants of databases using technologies such as MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Redis,  Cassandra, PostgreSQL.
Our server support includes all services of installation and maintenance, including hardware purchase, OS installation and updates, and on-going customer support.
We offer complete packages of hardware, database software, database administration and system administration in support of data needs.